La Valla-en-Geir

La Valla-en-Gier, France

 The pastor of this small village was deeply troubled by the lack of education, especially for rural youth.  Marcellin Champagnat in 1817 resolved to correct this.  He began to gather around him young men to be his Little Brothers of Mary and opened his first school.  This small seed has blossomed into the worldwide Marist ministry fired by St Marcellin's passion for justice and faith inspired by Mary.



Lavalla Centre, Rosalie

 Marist College Rosalie was opened in 1929, the first Marist school in Brisbane.  For 80 years it provided opportunities for faith and education especially to working class youth.  This Marist tradition is now continued in a new form.  The school has been refurbished as The Lavalla Centre to provide support for Marist Mission and Spirtuality through in-service, retreats and leadership training.  Church and Community groups also make use of these facilities.

Br John Thompson

Br John Thompson fms

I invite you to visit the Lavalla Centre, to participate in its programs, and to use its excellent facilties for your community,school or parish needs.